Products for steam boilers

Prodotti per caldaie a vapore

M.M.T. s.r.l.

Level switches and probes

Since 1974, M.M.T. srl designs and produces level switches and probes that control the level of conductive liquids, insulating materials and powders.

For level measurements, a wide selection of probes is available for applications like high pressure and high temperature boilers, or food and chemical industry. Level switches feature sensitivity regulation, time delay setting, or IP55 enclosure.

Design of level sensors and regulators


Our mission

Offer a wide range of products for steam boilers, well designed and functional at prices so competitive that they have the best value for money.

The level can be measured on/off or continuously. Continuous level meters are devices that operate in industrial processes and carry out continuous measurement online and in real time. They are based on conductive or capacitive technology, with different types of sensors depending on the type of material to be controlled.


From 1974 to TODAY

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Support and Installation


To allow all our customers to make the best use of our products, we have created Application Notes that refer to all our devices.